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Вести is both national and international 24/7 Russian-language news channel covering major national and international events with a Russian perspective and a focus on domestic issues. Against the backdrop of world updates we aspire to give a broad and impartial outline of life in all of Russia’s regions from its European enclave of Kaliningrad to Vladivostok in the Far East.

Vesti is a part of RTR, the biggest Russian media corporation. Russian Television and Radio Broadcasting Company (RTR), Russia’s leading broadcaster and content provider, is a major media holding relying on the resources of 87 regional branches and 3 nation-wide channels (Rossiya, Kultura and Sport) and two international channels RTR-Planeta and Planeta-Sport.

In response to the increasing demand for ethnic news from the established audiences in Russian-speaking communities across the globe, RTR has decided to come up with a new product.

VESTI’s daily schedule is built on the usual hourly rotation with ten-minute bulletins on major national and international news every half an hour complimented alternately with business, sport and culture. The distinctive feature of the VESTI channel is up to 20 minutes of regional coverage each hour including detailed analysis of the local events that make the headlines across the country, from election results and high-profile investigations to scientific breakthroughs and nation-wide celebrations. While follow-ups of minor developments from the reliable fleet of experienced correspondents are sewed together into the diverse patchwork of everyday life in Russia.

Some of the top programs include:
FLASH BACK – going behind the major headlines of the week.
VESTI.NET – a look at the world through the Web. What’s hot on the net.
VESTI. WEEKLY BUSINESS REVIEW – top businessmen and chief executives join in expert discussions on current economic trends.
NATIONAL PROJECTS – a thorough guide to recent legislative and executive action, debate over major social issues.
VESTI. CIS – a look over the fence: life in the neighboring ex USSR countries through the eyes of political leaders and experts.
VESTI. ENERGY. – comments on industry developments from top energy executives.
VESTI.SPACE – space, explored and explained by scientists and engineers of Russia’s Federal Space Agency, including exclusive footage from cosmonaut training facilities and details of life on the ISS.

VESTI.MEDICINE – latest medical breakthroughs, scientific advances, updates on drugs and treatments, news on the NHS, healthcare insurance, daily challenges for GPs and hospitals in the regions.

THAT’S RUSSIA – national identity reflected in the places and faces that make up Russia’s proud heritage.

Featured reports and special investigations by Russia’s leading correspondents from the frontline, often literary, of events.

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